Battle Royale What's New in the update?

It crawled through the Call of Duty Database: Modern Warfare again this time, maybe they have arrived at the main link details of the royal battle, which is rumored for the shooting of Battle Royale coming mode to Modern Warfare (map, sites, privileges, looting).

Battle Royale

Battle Royale | Warface has a variety of game modes available - some of them more conservative and classic, and commensurate with the scenarios 5 on 5, while others are more dynamic and perhaps even the corridors. With Battle Royale, we wanted to create something on the thin edge between the two, and here you have: fast-paced fight with an element of the unknown - you never know what you'll get a gun, with the action happening on a larger map PvP at all in the game.

Although the developer Infinity Ward has not officially announced the new situation, it was discovered Redditor Senescallo (thanks, VG24 / 7) a treasure trove of confidential information, including region names in the royal battle map, points of interest, conditions, task types, and the names of stolen items armor, gratia player, murder, and all the default and additional options, including, apparently, proof of the communal lounge, which includes 200 players.

According to the leak, the mode will offer both private and public matches and offer solo, duos, and 4-player squads. By comparison, EA's rival battle royale, Apex Legends, only offers 3-player squad matches, with duo mode only enabled as a limited-time event from time to time.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may have released without the battle royale feature that more or less defined Call of Duty: Black Ops at launch, but it looks like the large-scale, winner-take-all conflict might be returning after all. Call of Duty leaker Senscallo recently posted on reddit about the planned battle royale update for the shooter, and there’s some interesting stuff here for fans either of Call of Duty or for Battle Royale.

For starters, the most important information here is that the mode is absolutely massive. Battle Royale has stuck at or near the idea of a 100-player match ever since PUBG established the format, but Modern Warfare is going to blow that up with a 200-player game mode complete with the usual options for solos, duos and squads.

The images aren’t appearing on the original post anymore, but Eurogamer still has pictures of the supposed map, which contains the entire maps from the games other modes inside of it: you need a lot of space for 200 players, after all.

Battle Royale coming to Modern Warfare What's New in Update

Map Default Options Additional Options
According to the leak, these are the zones that will feature on the map
  1. Zones
  2. Airfield
  3. Boneyard
  4. Dam
  5. Downtown
  6. Gulag
  7. Hospital
  8. Layover
  9. Lumber
  10. Overgrown
  11. Port
  12. Quarry
  13. Storage Town
  14. Supercenter
  15. Trainyard
  16. TV Station
Default Options (Public Match)

  1. Player Count: 200
  2. Playlists: Solo (1), Duos (2), and Squads (4)
  3. End-Game Radar: On
  4. Infiltration Option: C130
  5. Pre-Game Lobby Free-for-All: On
  6. Post-Game Exfiltration: Off
  7. Max Health: 150
  8. Last Stand Health: 100
  9. Last Stand Revive Health: 30
  10. Last Stand Timer: 60s
  11. Last Stand Revive Time: 7s
  12. Friendly Fire Punish Limit: 2
  13. Gulag: On
Additional Options (Private Match)

  1. Infiltration Options: C130, Convoy, Blackhawk
  2. Starting Weapon: Fists, G21 Pistol, MP5, M4A1, Knife
  3. Enable BR Loot: Turns on loot on supported maps.
  4. Circle Star Size Override: Size of the damage circle at map start. Default match starts with no circle. Use this for smaller matches.
  5. Circle Damage Multiplier

The Jump Master of a Squad can select a deployment point prior to the match start. If the Jump Master chooses to discard the role, any player can become it. Players who are not the Jump Master have the ability to jump separately from the team, if you detach from the Jump Master, you will not drop in proximity to your loadout bag.

LootNew in the update

Rarities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold
Limited inventory space
Requisition Airdrop Timer: 30s
All Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Field Upgrades*, and Killstreaks* from Multiplayer
Gas Mask, Vests, Helmets, Bandages, Ammo, Backpacks, Portable Defibrillator, and Plunder
Cannot hold two of the same weapon
Cannot take Armor of lower level than currently equipped
Attachments which are incompatible with the current weapon will be placed in the Backpack
Supply Crates contain potentially valuable equipment or items

ArmorBattle Royale

  • Helmet LVL 1: Reduces headshot damage by 30 Reduces the effect of Flash and Concussion grenades
  • Helmet LVL 1: Reduces headshot damage by 30
  • Helmet LVL 1: Reduces headshot damage by 15
  • Ballistic Vest LVL 1: Absorbs 50 damage
  • Ballistic Vest LVL 2: Absorbs 150 damage
  • Ballistic Vest LVL 3: Absorbs 150 damage and increases healing item usage by 25

UAV Satellite Trucks must be charged before scanning an area. Once used, they will remain on cooldown for some time before coming back online.


Mobile Armory: Retrieve loadouts, can only be used once per activation

Armory Kiosk


Earn Plunder by completing missions and eliminating enemies. Purchase game changing items at plunder box locations.
Collect Plunder, and convert it to XP through check-in ATMs located throughout the game.

Deploy the image

The player who collects more looting in the game will be named as the best loot

  • There is a minimum required to loot before deposited in the bank
  • Loot dropped from enemies to eliminate end after some time
  • When players enter a bank, it will issue an ultimatum Alarm Bank, to alert all enemies within the neighboring region

Of course, being the game Call of Duty, there will also be the privileges of the system in place, in addition to other features upgradeable customization. All of this was covered in a publication associated with Reddit advance. The most interesting aspects, it should be true, and certainly use Gulag, tokens battles 1v1 and even regain the idea that you can bet on these 1v1 battles, using the looting. This is exactly what was said about the Gulag:

When enabled, players will have a chance to return to the game to win the battle 1v1.

The game Gulag role jumping game style King of the Hill, which means that the players in the queue Gulag Ciecahidunha

  • Players currently fighting in Gulag. There will be a countdown on the screen
  • Explaining how many rounds are left until battling.
  • A break from prison occurs frequently and expels all players from Gulag and returns to the game.
  • Players can place bets on players who fight using Plunder.

200 Battle Royale game in modern war ..

Amount |

As always, with such rumors, you have to be careful of them. However, what is interesting is that it lends credibility to a number of rumors and leaks that have appeared before Call of Duty, each of which indicates that the Battle Royale Coming to Modern Warfare What's New in the update? Battle Royale Map, Points of Interest, Modes,.

And more it designed for 200 players, and even if it were a stand-alone core of the game when released. It should also be noted that the same user, Senescallo, was right in some previous leaks, such as a list of upcoming maps, where the added names mentioned later to the game.

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